Etiquetas Bacigalupe


Bacigalupe means image, creativity and print quality.

50 years of experience, training and tradition, together with a human team brimming with great ideas, give us unlimited production possibilities, which allows us to offer the market the most innovative ideas, featuring the best quality.

We are specialists in a wide range of printing techniques, flexography, offset, both flat and semi-rotary, typography, screen printing, embossing, stamping and security systems. We are able to combine several types of printing technique in a single product at the same time, which means that the image we create for you is limited only by your imagination.

Our pre-printing equipment is endowed with the highest technology, which allows us to develop extraordinary sensory effects on any type of support.

The great flexibility and productive capacity of our equipment enable us to take on any type of project, regardless of the size and the finishes required by our client.